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Like the title suggests there’s been a few challenges here and there but nothing to keep this dude down. After taking the bus with my friends down to Saigon, or as some of different politicians call it, Ho Chih Minh City we arrived to keep and utter chaos. Chaos meaning we got there on Halloween night and by God it made Times Square on New Years look like a Peter, Paul, and Mary concert. Of course fun was had all around and the next day we made our way to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Tunnels constructed during the war by the Viet Kong to escape the enemies from attacking. I must say that everything was targeted against the Americans even though there were many other “players” in that conflict. It was the most biased thing I have yet encountered and doesn’t even come close to what was said in Cambodia regarding the genocide. At a break in the tour the guide pulled me behind a building and explained he was ordered to say or not to say certain things by the government. It was very eye opening and without getting to deep into it it’s the politicians of every country that ruin the solidarity we all should have throughout this world. That was kind of tough, but nothing a few beers couldn’t take care of. A day or so later (time is really just blurring together and as I am writing this I have no idea what day it is and its 5:32 pm) my two friends and I took the bus down to Mui Ne.
Mui Ne, a definitely more chilled out place with sand dunes that would make you think you were in Egypt overlooking fishing villages not to far off in the distance. People were friendly and the food was delicious. At night time there were stalls with fish tanks that kept the food alive. Crazy looking crabs, lobsters, eels, fish, tiger prawns, shrimp, frogs, squid, and I’m not sure what else was abundant at all of these street side places. You picked your favorite delicacy and then they threw it on the bbq right in front of you as your enjoying an icy cold beer. I picked a huge bull frog as a “starter” and then we split a variety of other seafood. The frog cost less than $1.00 and boy was it delicious. The next day we rented motorbikes for $7.00 a day, it was my first time ever riding a motorbike, motorcycle, or anything really like that. It wasn’t even a manual but an automatic. I’m sure you can guess what happened next………..in front of the people I had just rented it from I immediately lost control and crashed in the middle of the street. Luckily I have been eating a multi-vitamin every day and fortunately my beard as well as hair broke my fall. As the age old saying goes “you fall off that horse and jump right back on.” I brushed myself off and away we went. Spent the rest of the day cruising around the island with no problems once so ever. When I returned I was charged $5.00 for cosmetic flaw in the paint of this fabulous machine, which I still argued about as it was so minor and $5.00 is a lot of money over here. All’s well that ends well.
The next morning my American friends and I parted ways and once again as I was flying solo. With the wind at my back made my way due north to a city called Nha Trang. Pretty cool place with great night life. Was there dancing and have I been C- walking all over South East Asia ? You better believe it. So much so that on the way home three Vietnamese woman approached and started talking in their native language. Next thing I know one reaches down my pants at which point I immediately grab her hand and kept walking away. It wasn’t until I got back to my hostel and was getting ready for bed when Ii realized they had snagged my mobile from me. The one woman “distracts” you by going down below as the other reaches her small devilish hands into your pants pocket and removes whatever is in there. Fortunately it was just my phone and nothing else. Crazy thing is that in the next few days I have met at least 5 people who had the same thing happen to them. Parents please don’t worry as violent crime is non-existent, but their sticky fingers are just that…..very sticky. The next a motto driver was suppose to give 480,000 dong in change which is a little less that $25.00. As he reaches in his pocket to pull out his bill fold he takes off and there goes my change.
It was just a phone and it was just $25.00. The amazing food, people, and scenery I have encountered makes it more than worth it. Besides I bought a second hand I-Phone 16GB where I could pick all the music I wanted for it for around $200.00.
Tomorrow I head north again, a short trip up to Hue where I relax for a few days before crossing over the border to into Laos. My ticket is booked out of Bangkok to Kolkata on December 13th so I have some time to really explore and just take it super easy. I lost some good pics on the stolen phone, but have made up for it on my new one. Besides, there’s a lot of countries left to see and many more experiences to be had.

Oh by the way who won the Presidential election ?

Please don’t steal anymore from me in Asia,

Matt H.

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Matt, I finally joined up and can send you messages here. I'm sorry about your phone but glad that your spirits are high :) This Australian adventure has definitely taken a different path then I thought but I am happy you are seeing the world.
P.S.....4 more years when you return

by ChiaraF

Wow, you have some crazy stories to last a lifetime. Sucks about the phone and change, but you've got the right attitude...small price to pay for the memories. Good luck and keep on keeping on...

by andrea.kambanis

Hey dude, saw this and thought of you -
Glad you're having (mostly) good times in SEA, nothing much changes in MR as you'd expect!

by bwelsher

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